How do I convince my React fellows to work on my Vue projects?

David Diaz
3 min readJan 3, 2021


I think that this would be the first question to answer, and that’s fair. Also, in addition to knowing the answer to this question, it would be great if you could explain ‘ why Vue’ yourself.

Use it everywhere

First of all, and in my opinion, one of the best things about Vue is that you can use Vue on a new or existing application. If you are going to use Vue on a new project, that’s great, Vue is going to work excellent. But, no worries if you are going to work on an existing project, you can just select and target a part of the application that you want. In brief, Vue is more useful for than just starting a brand new project, you can use it to improve or fix applications that you already have started.

Similar to other frameworks

Vue is gaining popularity really quickly. One of the reasons for this might be it’s similarity to other frameworks. Nowadays it’s easier to find developers who are already familiar with frameworks like React or Angular, and Vue’s learning curve makes it really easy to help your partners to use the technology, just give them a bit of time to get familiar with the framework.

Faster, easier to understand and to maintain

It’s simple, Vue just feels simpler and easier to work with than with a React or Angular application. This means that if you were given a task to fix a certain part of an application, the code can be easily understood and, of course, fixes can be done quickly.

Learns from others failures

Another thing that makes Vue a solid and great choice is the fact that since it’s newer, it’s creators had the opportunity to learn from their predecessors mistakes. This means that the illogical and cluncky problems of other frameworks are not present in Vue.


Vue is popular. By the time I’m writing this, Vue has over 178k stars on Github. This means that in terms of Github stars, right now Vue might be more popular that React or Angular, and that’s impressive.

Vue stats on Github:

React stats on Github:

Angular stats on Github:

Being popular means that many developers use it, and that means that problems or bugs tend to be found and solved quickly. Unlike some other popular frameworks, Vue is not backed by any big tech company, like React, that was built and is supported by Facebook, and Angular, that has Google’s on their side, Vue.js is completly created and maintained by the community.

Well and that’s all. Hope I helped you a little bit understanding how to make your coworkers use Vue!

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